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How do you measure the difference one life can make? On the outset, this can seem like too broad of a question to undertake. What I am referring to here, however,  are not the famous people, the athletes or the heroes but just you and me. Every day, average run of the mill people. We get up, go to work, raise families and hopefully get a bit of time off to play and hang with friends.

I have always loved the Christmas film, It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. I love how his ordinary life, the life he was bummed about living became something extraordinary when he was given the chance to see what life would have been like had he never been born. The gift was he got to see that by him just being him helped other people live lives that would not have been possible had he not been there.

Aimee n me

Aimee’s 30th Birthday Party. Aimee Palooza!

All these thoughts came rushing back to me as I was chatting with Mr. Wonderful a few weeks ago. July 8, 2011, my best friend Aimee lost her battle with breast cancer and went to be with Jesus. I have been thinking about her a lot lately and it dawned on me just how much has changed since she passed. The hole she left, instantly and permanently altered all of our lives. Plans and dreams became different to compensate for her absence. The same thing happened when my brother in law passed away unexpectedly in 2005. Everything changed in a million different ways.

Tony n Nat 2003 /

Tony holding Natalie, Christmas 2003

I am not saying that the changes were either good or bad but rather noting that nothing is the same when someone you love dies.

It’s fairly simple to view the life of someone who is no longer here, but what about you and me. I have spent a lot of time over the last several years trying to figure out what’s next or dreaming about being an author. All of this is great and I am going to keep pursuing dreams and writing things down for as long as it is physically possible. But the reality is that just by existing and living our everyday lives we, you and me, fill a space that no other human being on this earth can fill. I have never been on T.V. or won a gold medal, or saved a child from a burning building. But I have made friends and family laugh when they thought they would never laugh again. I sat in a chemo infusion room for hours with my best friend every Monday for months. I have wiped tears for people I love, dreamed big dreams, fallen down and gotten back up again.

So have you. Your life looks different than mine but you have done all these things and more. You being you makes people’s lives better.

I still want to do great things, I dream of writing books and loving as many people as I can in the process. But I also know that every once in awhile, I need to step back and remind myself that if God takes me home tomorrow, who I am today and all that I have done up till now was enough. Me just being me has helped others live a better life.

It’s a reminder, I need not forget so easily and neither should you.

Tiffany May 2019 /


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  1. Sandy Mitts says

    Yes, my dear Tiffany, you have touched lives in lots of ways. You have made me laugh and cry and I am so thankful for your friendship.

  2. Absolutely!! There is beauty and importance in the everyday whether it be full of big gestures or small moments.

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