Rebuilding a life…

There is a lot of construction going on around here. A Chicken Shed and a Sheep Shack are the most recent projects being tackled in our country living adventure. The Chicken Shed idea came about shortly after we moved in and Ryan, Mr. Wonderful’s best friend called and mentioned that he had acquired us 10 chickens and was wondering when the best time would be for him to drop them off. Mr. Wonderful just laughed because at the time he was finishing up the unfinished garage. The sheep will be entering our lives on April 1st because this is the beginning of 4H season and although we know very little about animals, they are coming and we are getting ready.

Mr Wonderful /

Mr. Wonderful

After the garage was complete, shelving needed to be built inside because modular homes are not known for their storage capacity. Once we were able to get our things put away Mr. Wonderful went about town and began collecting wood pallets. Those discarded little treasures usually found in alleyways or on construction sites have been the basis for many a project at the Olson household over the years, I even have one hanging in our bedroom which is used as a shelf for displaying photos. What better home could be provided for our new friends than one made from free wood?

A good portion of the Chicken shed was built over the Christmas Holidays and is waiting for nesting shelves and a small fence area. All the materials for the sheep shack have been gathered other than roofing and construction began yesterday. It is exciting to be creating new memories and hanging out with the kids in different ways.

Country living is what we were missing when we lived in town. We loved our beautiful house but it didn’t provide the lifestyle we wanted to live. With this new home (to us) and new neighborhood, we are beginning again. Of course new doesn’t mean problem free. There have been a few mishaps like leaky pipes and issues with the well but that is to be expected, it’s not fun but it happens. Between the projects which need to be tackled and the ones Mr. Wonderful is dreaming about, he will be busy for quite some time.

Rebuilding. I love it. We removed many things from our lives both physically and emotionally that were holding us back and now we get to start fresh. Our eldest is 13, and I want to spend the next few years creating memories and having adventures because 18 is coming fast and I don’t want to look back and regret what we didn’t do.



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  1. So so beautiful! Your family is the best. Enjoy the new additions!!

  2. A farmer ‍ you guys will be, are both your kids having sheep this year? STAN worked on a dairy and wa lived close, we had some here at the house that got out once I don’t really remember what happened later we were talking about he informed me you have to think like a cow, I said I don’t think that will happened. Then when I was PG with Thristan, when we would have a doctors visit, doctor & Stan would compare me with a cow that was PG at the time I really didn’t think it was funny. Now I do and after words.
    You guys have fun as farmers, remembers then want there food, twice a day, they are interesting to watch. Love you guys ❤️

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