About Me

Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I’m Cute! (Hold on, I will explain)

This blog marks a new beginning for me. The last few years have been quite an adventure in faith, grief, failure, perseverance, love, healing, friendship and getting back on my feet again.

I dearly love to laugh and to have others laugh with me. Reading, I could do all day long, but then I would have no life. Talking is right up there with reading, so basically if I’m not reading, I’m talking. If you are a prayer you might send up a few for my sweet husband because pretty much no subject is off limits and his quiet, private nature struggles with this a bit. Speaking of prayer, I am a follower of Christ and am earnestly striving to become more like Him every day. There is so much that I do not understand but I choose to trust that He has a plan and whether I get answers to my questions or not, I choose to trust.

Mr. Wonderful is my husband. He named himself this when he added his phone number to my contacts list years ago. Of course, I promptly went to his phone and named myself Sexy Wife. For some reason, he doesn’t ask Siri to call me when he’s in public.

Now about being Cute… It’s my secret weapon, my game changer my constant go to when I want the topic of conversation to change or just want people’s focus redirected. It’s amazing how four little words,”Yeah, but I’m Cute!” (ok, three words and a contraction) can have such a profound impact on any given situation. I think it’s the dumbfounded looks I receive in return that I enjoy the most. Those that know me well, just smile and chuckle.

On a more personal note, on December 31, 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer so the whole “cute” thing evolved to a whole new level. It was quite a challenge to make bald look cute but I rocked it the best I could. Thankfully, although I’m a couple of boobs down, I am healthy now and seeking ways to help others walk through the suckiness of mastectomies, chemo and radiation.

Mr. Wonderful and I have two kids and 2 dogs, we reside in Coos Bay, Oregon and we are on an adventure to see how many people’s lives we can change for the better. My hope for this blog is that you will learn, laugh and walk away each day with more hope and joy than you had before you checked in.

Make comments, share with your friends and family, post to your favorite social media site. Ready? Set? Go!