What’s in a Word?

MONEY!!! It’s quite a word. Six little letters. Those six letters have the power to reduce people to tears and cause others to shout for joy. The use of those six letters can save a life or destroy one.

Take a minute and think about it. What comes to your mind when you think of the word Money? We all have some sort of an emotional reaction to it, whether positive, negative or indifferent. When it comes to personal finances we all have a choice to make. Either we can let our money (or lack of it) control us or we can control it.

Sounds simple huh? And the decision to take control is truly a simple decision to make. But as with everything else in life it’s the actions that you take to backup the decision that will make the difference. Losing weight, eating right, growing your business, becoming a better person. All decisions. All useless without a diligent, consistent plan to make the decision a reality.

And guess what? It’s kind of hard. Just like losing weight, it’s a whole new way of life. It’s taking responsibility for every single dime you spend. Whether you have lots of dimes or only 1. But oh the joy on the other side! The freedom you will feel by being in control of where your money goes is indescribable!

What do you think? What comes to your mind when you think of the word Money? Comment below and let’s start the conversation!

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