The Village

I have a village, several actually. I have been blessed with the ability to make friends easily. I enjoy people, I enjoy laughing and swapping stories and ideas and the happenings in our day to day lives. And although there are many people in my life there are the ones that I just can’t get rid of… my villages. They are the friends old and new that just stick around. Through thick and thin, ups and downs, ins and outs they are just there. I for them and them for me.

Over the last several weeks I have been writing about my diagnosis and all of the various emotions and feelings that come and go when you encounter a situation like this. What I haven’t mentioned is all the people behind the scenes that are making me laugh, holding me when I cry, praying for me, texting me several times a week just to say that they love me, cleaning my house, driving my kiddos around, helping me with dinner, searching and offering to fly somewhere to bring me the perfect puppy (I’m wanting a Maltese, no more than 10 pounds (-: ), driving me several hours to Eugene and back for Dr. appointments. The list could go on forever.

Here they are… aren’t they fabulous? Stop and think about it for a minute… you have villages to. Take a moment and think about all the people in your life that just, stay. In this world there is a lot of negative. There are a lot of things that we could focus on that are depressing or unfair. I am choosing to think about the positive. I am thanking God for the gift of family and friendship.

My scalp is aching and my hair is beginning to come out. I am thinking that a razor will be used on my head at some point before the week is out. For some this is nothing, for me? I’m struggling. But I have been assured that on a moments notice a few friends and a bottle of wine will show up on my doorstep for a head shearing party. We will laugh, we will cry, we will drink wine and when its all said and done I will dry my tears put a hat on and keep moving forward.

If you don’t have people in  your life, you need to get some. Life isn’t worth living if you aren’t sharing it with others.



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  1. TIFF,
    I just learned of your blog and diagnosis an hour ago….I’m sure you probably are tired of hearing a generic statement like “I’m sorry”….but truth us, I am, sorry to learn of this diagnosis. You are a victor, sister! Your attitude and spirit is absolutely amazing…and come to think of it, you always have been that way!!!

    BUT God!!!!!!! He knows the plans He has for you!! so, in knowing that, I know He’s bringing you to this, to bring you on thru it!!, you are a child of The King, The Most High….His will is good, perfect and acceptable!!!

    I will be keeping up with your blog, praying for your recovery and your emotional strength thru the process. I want you to know you’re rocking the mess outta that fresh cut, girl!!! You got this all under control!!!

    Stay strong, stay beautiful!!!


    • Tiffany Olson says

      Betsy! I ♥ You! I can totally hear your voice through all of those explanation points. You make me smile. Yes, God does have this and I am growing and learning so much. Fortunately I have been a journaler and Bible reader for quite awhile now and this down time is giving me the opportunity to dig in a little deeper and to trust a little more. Thank you for always being such a great cheerleader.♥

  2. I love having a village with you. Always and forever

  3. Love you Tiff!
    I am proud to be in your village! Can’t wait for the book tour!
    Hugs to you my friend!

  4. Judy Preble says

    Tiffany, Honey, your mom was my very first friend. I’m talking BABIES. OUR parents were best friends and we lived across the street from one another. Not a day went by that Syd and I didn’t play together. Ask her about “walking on the deedee!” One year…we must have been four or five…my grandmother made look alike Easter dresses for us AND Ramah! Since she was ten years older, I can only imagine how she felt about that!

    Now we’re 71 and have literally known one another forever! I met you years ago when you were just a kiddo. You need to know that you have been in my prayers from afar. Just another piece of that village! Love to you and your precious family….JP

  5. Muriel Proett says

    Praise God for our village every day, with out my Jesus and my village I couldn’t go on, being able to talk to special ones on any situation, Jesus telling me who I need to pray for all the time, he was always there for me, but now he has taken the place of my Stan who I miss more then words can say Jesus is my husband now till I go to be with both of them, I thank God for your friendship Tiffany I love all you write it helps me holding on Gods hand through all our trials.

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