The Turning Point

The song that keeps running through my mind right now is that song from Tim Mcgraw “Live Like You Were Dying”.

Although I’m not dyin’ I sure have a different view of what is important than I did a week ago. I found a lump on my left breast on Christmas Eve morning, went to my Dr. on the 26th, 2.5 hours away and had an MRI on Monday the 29th. 3 Radiologists looked at the scan and saw no mass just a large glob of white which they attributed to dense breast tissue. My Dr. sent me for a biopsy anyway. I was laying on the table in the pathologists office half naked and casually chatting about Steve Prefontaine (the Dr. had a poster on his wall and I am from Coos Bay) and he says, “there is no way this is cancer, just dense breast tissue.” So in my mind I am thinking, “ok, recheck every 6 months, I can handle that, several of my friends do it.” All of the sudden the room got very quiet and a larger needle showed up for a 4th go round. Turns out that large white mass, that “dense breast tissue” is cancer. It is in fact a “very large tumor.”

It’s New Years Eve, January 31, 2014. I am 2.5 hours from home and my 11 year old daughter is with me as well as my childhood best friend, Heidi. I just stared at the Pathologist and said nothing. He began to look very concerned at my non-reaction. He asked me if I had any questions. All I could think of to say is, “What do I do now?”

I will continue to post updates but my end goal for this blog is to allow it to be an example of us continuing to live out our dreams and accomplish our goals in the midst of trying circumstances. With the hope that other people will benefit from our experiences and do the same thing.

Have a great day all.

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