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She’s Still There: Rescuing The Girl In You is the title of a book that has come out recently by author Chrystal Evans Hurst. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival in the mail which I am pretty sure is today. I am intrigued by the title because at 47 years old, a wife of almost 17 years, a mom of a teen and a tween as well as being a breast cancer survivor, I have wondered more than once over the last few years if, with all that has changed, is the wonder eyed girl still in there. What I am hoping for in the pages of this book is to be reminded of how much God loves me. I want to be able to hear Him say that no matter how out of whack life feels at times that He is going to use whatever is going on to fulfill the plans He laid out for me in the beginning.

Life changes you. I look at the state of our nation right now with all of the natural disasters, people’s lives are in upheaval. Not only did we have Harvey in Houston but Irma in Florida and for those of you who don’t know, a great portion of the Pacific Northwest is on fire. Some of the most beautiful places in this great country have been utterly devastated. (I knew beginning the summer with reading the book of Job was a bad idea!)  It will take years in some cases a hundred years to restore what has been lost. Unlike nature, we humans although a little worse for the ware at the moment, will bounce back quicker because we have each other and the opportunity to trust that God is in control and will see us through.

I have been reminded time and again over the last several years that God uses the really hard things in life to sluff off the junk in our lives so we become more like what He created us to be. Right now when so many are hurting and wondering what to do and where to go next, what’s happening? People are stepping in and helping those who can’t help themselves. My friend Melissa, four days ago, was in a Costco parking lot in Florida. She and her friend watched an older gentleman shuffling his way to the entrance. They asked him if he was coming for water and he jovially told them that he was. They informed him that there was no more water, turned back to their car grabbed out a case and an extra gallon of water from their own stash, loaded it into his car, and told him to be safe. This is just a small example of countless stories and rescues and of communities coming together to help those that have lost everything.

What does all of this have to do with Rescuing The Girl In You? Well, maybe the girl in you has needed a reason to jump in and help. We all have gifts and talents that can be utilized to aid those around us who could use a little assistance right now. Maybe your hardships and struggles are just the background someone needs in order to empathize with those that feel lost in their current circumstances. And maybe, just maybe while you are out there making other people’s lives a bit easier, the girl inside of you, the one that has been missing for so long will reappear because in the end, life is not about us and what we have lost, it’s about love and what we can all gain when we step out help each other.

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  1. Tiffany, I so appreciated your article today. Your words encouraged me when it spoke of a life out of whack. I know He will use this to fulfill what He has planned. And it isn’t just for clean closets.

    • Yes, my sweet friend, things are certainly out whack for you right now. Rest assured, however, that this season will not last. Before you know it you will be sipping hot cocoa with your grandbabies and all of this cleaning, packing and moving thing will be a distant memory. You are dearly loved… “you know what I am doing.”♥

  2. Sometimes I don’t know how to do this anymore. I put so much of my heart and soul into my job and caring for my family, that I don’t have much left for others. But I also feel the void of not being able to pour into my friend’s lives or in helping others. I might need to borrow this book. ❤️

    • Silly girl … your “others” is your job. Your line of work is not a job but a calling. You make a difference and change lives every single day. There are many many children who have had the pleasure of having you in their lives that will be forever grateful. As far as friendships go we just need to be more intentional about staying connected. The beauty in it is that you are loved no matter how often your friends see you. Pray for moments to connect… they will come. ♥ And of course, you can borrow the book.☺

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