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Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. Not detectable by mammogram. Last years’ mammogram was clean and I was getting ready to go in for this years’. The only way this cancer is detectable is through self examination and MRI and even the MRI is not always conclusive.

Aimee n Me

Mother’s Day 2010

My best friend, Aimee died three and a half years ago from breast cancer so as much as we are different it is hard not to think of her and all that she went through in her very brave battle. I miss her. Her son Ian and my son Bridger are still best friends. Ian looks so much like her that at times it is hard to look at him. How did she do this with such grace and poise?

Emotions? A lot. And one day I feel super strongly about something that ends up being not so important the next day. I think the biggest thing is that I am scared. I think my Dr. is worried about me. He had one of his nurses who is 5 years out from cancer call me and reassure me that a lot of women go through breast cancer just fine. It’s a journey and not the last stand.

This cancer is pretty random. They did say that because I began my menstrual cycle at 11 years old and didn’t have children until my 30’s was a major factor. The cancer is Estrogen based and for some reason having babies later in life increases the risk greatly. I told Mr. Wonderful the other day that this was his fault. Had he started liking me when I was 26 when I began liking him, then we could have gotten married and knocked up before I turned 30. He didn’t laugh.

I will continue to post updates but my end goal for this blog is to allow it to be an example of us continuing to live out our dreams and accomplish our goals in the midst of trying circumstances. With the hope that other people will benefit from our experiences and do the same thing.

Have a great day all!

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