The Plan… Part Duex…

Well, Summer has officially begun. Yipee!! It’s good to have the kids home and to get to spend some quality time with them. As with all kids we have our quality moments and our not so quality moments but overall its been great. I also have made it through chemo #5…

5th Chemo

Fun Times… Chemo #5 With Mom!

I don’t know what it is about mom’s but they always seem to make things better. At least my mom does. She just takes care of stuff so that I don’t have to. My kids got where they needed to go, the laundry got done, dinner was on the table. I was able to writhe around on the couch in peace, knowing that it was all going to be ok.

Remember all those “plans” I was mentioning in my last post? All of those things that I was trying so desperately not to control? Here’s how they are shaping up so far… Bridger didn’t end up making the regular All Star baseball team so Mr. Wonderful snatched up 10 other boys who didn’t make it and created a Coos Bay Black “Traveling” Team. We ended up getting to play in two regular All Star Tournaments (Thank You Coos Bay Rail Link for the Sponsorship!), and we even won two games! The parents were all very supportive and the boys got 6 extra weeks of playing time in so that they will be all the more ready for next year.

Radiation? Put off till fall! Hooray!! I guess there is a 8 to 10 week window where they will allow you a break between chemo and radiation. Yes I realize that taking a break from cancer sounds a bit odd but I am seeing it as an opportunity to heal up a bit, get some of these super fun side effects to go away (like numb fingertips and a constant drippy nose… to name a few). The breaking point was when we realized that radiation was going to go on a few more weeks than we had originally anticipated which was going to run right through our time in Arizona. So now that I get my “break” I get to spend summer with our kids, go to the fair for 4H with our daughter and I don’t have to miss the Parker Lake adventure in August!! Yay Me!

There was time there when it looked like it was all going to go up in smoke and then, it didn’t. In a season where everything feels like it’s stacked against you it sure was nice to have something go my way. It didn’t turn out the way I thought it would but in the end it was better. It shows I still have a long way to go in my constant battle of trusting God. He had it worked out all along. You should have seen me when I thought I was going to have to spend the whole summer in Eugene. It wasn’t pretty. It bordered on my Lucy ugly cry that I did in the hospital after chemo #3. The thing is is that I didn’t have to go there. I could have just trusted. Fortunately all of us get new moments to learn to trust until we get it right. I for one really want to get it right and stop wasting emotion on stuff that God has already worked out.

It also turns out that the more chemo you put into your body the more foggy and tired you become. Having any sort of relevant thoughts or meaningful conversation has become quite difficult. Hence the long silence between posts. Thank you for your love, your patience and your prayers. The Chemo Train is pulling into the station soon and I am sooo ready!

Have a great day, All!



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  1. Sydney Clark says

    My Baby Girl!
    I love your strength, your spirit, and your faith!

  2. Rose Wilson says

    You have great determination and spirit! God is watching over you…….lots of love coming your way from me to you!

  3. You’re still my inspiration. Excited for your summer of joy and healing!

  4. This exciting for you, Our God is so good to us, I agree your body needs to heal. I am excited to be able to see you at the fair. Then I get my new knee, Jesus is so great to us we cry, he wiper our tears poures over his peace that till your through it no one can understand. Your in my prayers always, when you finish your trial,. What a testimony you will have to share, and tell others that may have to go through there trial. Love you sweetie see you soon!!! Muriel

    • Tiffany Olson says

      Your comments are always so sweet Miss Muriel. Thank you and yes I am looking forward to seeing you at the fair as well.

  5. Your Mother is one special Angel God has in your life!!!

  6. Aunt Marta says

    Love you m’dear! It is an amazing journey and amazing to see God’s hand at work through it all. Thankfully He is more than capable of dealing with Lucy ugly cries, doubts and questions.

  7. Chris Williford says

    TIFF, I so look forward to your posts. Thank you for sharing with us. The lessons are endless and God is so patient with us. Love you beautiful lady! Yah for Rod

  8. Marie Baker says

    Hey! I am so happy to hear you have some time to enjoy summer! I think and pray for you lots. Love you!

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