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Making Adjustments /

So I realized the other day that the app that I am using to calculate my runs so that I make it to race day in tip top shape, was upping my mileage faster than my body could go. I also realized that it was going to have me ready for race day 3 weeks ahead of time. Yes, I’m quick like that. So after much playing with the app trying to figure out how to make it back up a few workouts (it turns out you just scroll up) I am back on track. I repeated a few of the lower mileage workouts and got back up to my 5 miler today.

It was rainy but not too cold. I went slow and I finished feeling pretty good. (Intestines cooperated this time (: ) I am glad to be back on schedule and am looking forward to and a bit nervous about the miles yet to be run. It really does feel good to be out on the road. The challenging part is finding flat room to run, Coos Bay is pretty much all hills which is okay when your mileage is low but much harder as the runs get longer. Route planning is getting tricky as one of the flattest places in town is the 101 which goes right through the middle. So if I’m running in daylight I try and avoid that option as much as possible because as much as I am enjoying doing this, I don’t look cute while doing it and since cute is still my main goal in life, exposing myself to situations where I look less than cute is a no go.

I turned 46 the other day… 46!! While I am glad to still be here I am noting more wrinkles around the eyes and the fact that my fast run is now a 10:43 minute mile instead of a 9:30 minute mile. I don’t feel 46, high school still feels like it was yesterday. So glad it wasn’t cause I was a little wilder in those days and a lot heavier. I’m actually thinner now than I have ever been in my adult life, I don’t however recommend chemo as a weight loss option as it wasn’t much fun.

So there you have it, I’m still plugging along and learning to make adjustments as I go. What about you what adjustments are you making to keep you on track and still going in the right direction?

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  1. Michelle McCoy says

    Get it girl! I thought your mileage with your son being 5 miles in an older post was kind of high being that it was just starting the 12 week training for the half. That makes sense, you are just that awesome! I’m really looking forward to meeting you Wed (wait that’s tomorrow…YAY). BTW, got my appt scheduled with Oncologist. It will be Dr. Cho but he is in San Diego until Wed and so I couldn’t get in with him until Friday. So port probably put in next week and start chemo then! eek. If you see Dr. Cho Wed (not sure since it sounds like a radiation appt) put in a good word for me. 🙂 xoxo!!!

  2. Pretty amazing, Tiffany! Congrats!

    Adjustments are a part of almost anything, aren’t they? It’s as if we’re driving through our lives, responding to or even correcting as new twists and turns show up. Never a boring moment.

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