Expect The Unexpected

Ok, so before I get started, note the hair. My oh my what a difference a year makes. I have had it trimmed several times and am more than likely going to keep it short but man do I have a big forehead or what!? I have to admit that while I am thrilled to have hair, my already thin hair has grown in even thinner and it’s only a tad discouraging when your hair dresser tells you that you might need to try using rogaine. But I digress…

So this morning when Mr. Wonderful headed out the door with our kiddos, Katie (my maltipoo) and I headed out the door for our morning walk. (I have been demoted to walking instead of running as my fluid thing isn’t going away…) I have a three mile route that I enjoy doing and have done it at least 7 or 8 times since we moved here. I turned on one of my podcasts and away we went.

Katie / TiffanyAOlson.com


There is a sign that I pass on my route…

Bear / TiffanyAOlson.com

Honestly, I have never really thought much of it as the ranch across the street is called Bear Ranch so I assumed that the owners must just really like bears. So, when Katie and I rounded the corner this morning and saw a black bear. Yes! A Bear!! In the middle of the road! Well, it was quite a moment.  It was a good 75 yards away and it took me a second to realize what it was. I would love to tell you that I stood my ground and was focused and poised like Katniss in the Hunger Games, ready to kill instead of be killed, but that would be so very far from the truth because the reality is that I yelled,  “Holy Sh–!” and he ran up the hill. (Yes, I have a way with words and I realize that I have just announced how small my vocabulary repertoire is as it was the first thing out of my mouth. Just keepin’ it real.)  I ripped the headphones out of my ears and began praying (yes, I cursed and prayed in the same moment…) that my one bar of cell service was enough to contact Mr. Wonderful. On my second attempt I reached him and all I could say was, “B B B Bear! I just saw a bear!” of course this comes 4 days after I called to inform him about the crow I decimated on the bridge as I was headed out of town last week.

He laughs. Laughs! Then he asks if I need him to come get me, I said no. He informs me that our kids are impressed with my little adventure and that I might have bumped myself up a notch in their eyes. I am meanwhile standing on the side of the road with my little white dog, taking deep breaths and being very thankful that she wasn’t breakfast.

Bearxing / TiffanyAOlson.com

Note the two mirrors that are strategicly placed so that anyone on the road can easily see what is ahead no matter which direction they are coming from. I no longer have to wonder why those mirrors are there. From now on when I come across a xing sign no matter what is supposed to be xing I am always going to assume that they are being serious. Yes, we live in the country and I knew that there were bears out here but there is a huge difference in knowing and seeing first hand. The only other time I have seen a bear is in Yellowstone and we were intentionally driving around looking for them.

So, expect the unexpected my friends and share it with the rest of us, you might just run into a bear on your morning walk.

Have a great day!

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  1. A bear, oh no! Scary, but you and Katie made it back in one piece, yay! Love your hair. It looks youthful and easy, breezy…. Yes, expecting the unexpected will be an adventure for sure. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  2. Since most bears don’t read, how does ODOT get them to cross there by the sign?

  3. OH MY GOODNESS, Tiffany! I am SO laughing out loud!!! Sure, they tell us that the bear is more afraid of you than you are of him….sure…WHO WROTE THAT!???? I bet it was a bear, just so we would walk a little closer, and not run away!!! ANYHOW…YOU ARE amazing and funny too!! XOXOXOXOXO

  4. My little dog and I did run into a bear on our morning walk in Empire. I kid you not. Thought it was a dog at first, but quickly found a yard sale with a phone. Always carry my bear spray as I really don’t like big dogs that could cause a serious fight with my Elly.

  5. Muriel Proett says

    Love your story, your hair l love it. It has been a year since I had my knee replacement, no pain most all the time. Going to PT, knee not stable only our God knows the answer
    So he gives me pease, I am home looking foreword to going to Woman’s Retreat on October. At Running Y Resort Klamath Falls. Then in November I am flying to Seattle going to my sons Kevin for thanksgiving me great granddaughter who will be 2 will be there. Oh yes her Mom& Dad will be there too. You guys have moved since we talked great to here from you. You & I have both been in these shoes with the C if you have never been you will never understand us but our Jesus does that is all that matters. Love you in Christ Jesus

  6. I bet Katie enjoyed the run!! She thought she was getting just a walk. Only you Tiff… 😉

    And I must say, nicely done on the Hunger Games reference!!

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