Don’t Forget to Remember…

Today, January 20th is Mastectomy Eve. One year ago today I was preparing to go in for the surgery that would spare my life. My mom and Freddy were here, my friends had been around a lot that week and well there was just a lot going on. I was in a total fog as things had all happened so quickly but I was ready to face what lie ahead and at the same time trepidatious about losing a body part. Change is hard, even if the change is going to save your life.

I was reminded of something this morning as I was working through my bible study, I was reminded to not forget. In Exodus chapter 13, Pharoah has finally conceded to let the Israelites leave Egypt with Moses. As they are gathering their things and heading out God is giving instructions on what they are to do in the future to commemorate this season of their lives and how to pass on the information to future generations. The instructions are very specific as to what animals are to be sacrificed each year during the celebration as well as to who will be allowed to participate. The interesting thing is however is that the celebration and the sacrifices aren’t as much about honoring God as they are about giving the people a specific task to do so that they don’t forget what God has done for them.

Don't Forget /

Mr Wonderful post surgery, trying to get a photo of me. He inadvertently took it of himself and texted it to our friends. Heidi P commented “Wow what great surgeons! She went in looking like Tiffany and came out looking like Rod!”

Several of the chapters leading up to Exodus chapter 13 describe the plagues that Egypt suffered through in the process of getting Pharoah to let the people go. It was brutal. The Nile turned to blood, there were snakes, frogs, locusts, hail, boils, flies and in the end all of the 1st born children in the country of Egypt were killed. That is unimaginable for me. It seems impossible that people could forget all of that and yet here I sit facing new challenges of life, still full of fear and worry completely ignoring all that He has brought me through. I need to be reminded not to forget.

I found my mass on Christmas Eve 2014 and was diagnosed on New Years Eve 2014. One week. Some people wait several weeks or even months to determine what the diagnosis is. For Aimee it took 9 months and by then she was stage 4. My story was different. God saw to it that my Dr. kept pressing in and ordering new tests even when the results kept coming up short. At one point 3 radiologists looked at my MRI and said that it was just dense breast tissue but my Dr. ordered the biopsy anyway. Even the pathologist as he was doing the biopsy remarked that he was sure we were just dealing with dense breast tissue. It was upon his 4th sample that he confirmed breast cancer and “a very large tumor.” There are so many instances during that week, a  holiday week no less, that my Dr could have just told me to sit tight, wait a few months and come back in for a recheck. But that’s not what happened. He pressed on, I got my diagnosis and life forever changed.

Remember /

Post Surgery

God intervened, he stepped in and worked it all out. As you all well know the diagnosis was only the beginning of the adventure but how it came about and how people and circumstances were lined up to be in the right place at the right time during a week when most are relaxing at home or off on holiday somewhere is miraculous to me. I sit here one year later and I am finding that I need to look back. I need to remember what God is capable of and that no matter what I am facing now that He is a God of miracles and love.

Stop for a moment and take some time to reflect on what God has done in your life during different seasons. If you are reading this post then you still have breath and God has brought you through many obstacles in life to get you to where you are today. Remember what has passed and look ahead with renewed strength because now you can see with fresh eyes that the challenges you face are not challenges for Him.

Don’t Forget To Remember…

Have a great day, All!

ps … Today is the 21st and I am attempting my 1st 4 mile run in a very long time… A year ago there was sadness… today there is joy! God is great!

Remember to run /

And She Ran…

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  1. “don’t forget to remember”… Love that statement of truth! I remember those days and I am thanking Jesus for every miracle along that very hard road. Keep running, friend!

  2. When I read the steps that were taken 1 year ago all I see is God taking the reins. Thank you Lord for being so good!!!

  3. Muriel Proett says

    We need to remember through all things big or little ore God is in control of it, 1 Timothy 6:15, he has a reason for everything on how things work out, through all my cancer dealings he was so good with no chemo , but now it is back thyroid cancer is so slow growing it would take 35 years to take me home, that would make me 111, I do not want to live that long, I have on problems with it now, pet scan found out my breast in time on chemo, Praise his name, one my knee replacement is on the up hill after going on 8 months Praise God, with all of this he has been teaching me more of his will and drawing me closer to him, gone through many trials with my knee, thank you Jesus you have tough me so much in these 8 months. Tiffany your trials have made you one very strong woman so proud to know you and your family, like you and I say till people have walked in your shoes they have NO idea what you have been through a year a go or now, I know your stronger in Jesus that is all that matters!!! Love you!!!

  4. Shelly Guevara says

    So thankful God pressed on the hearts of the doctors to discover your diagnosis and that you are here to give this testimony today! I love you Tif! Mr Wonderful is well… Mr Wonderful, love your family <3

  5. Sandy Mitts says

    Tiffany, that was good. He says, “Don’t worry about anything. Pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for what He’s done.” I can’t say I wasn’t worried, but I’m doing the rest. I always say that when we stop and look back, we are “waiting on the Lord”. It’s such a blessing but we sure don’t like to wait. Tiff, I want to thank you for sharing your story. It really has always been a testimony to me. God has blessed me and you always know what I am doing.

  6. Well spoken, Tiff. To remember where we’ve come from, to help bolster us forward and live more deeply. God is so good! One day, our paths will cross again, and I plan to share a tearful hug. Go get it, girl! So excited to see where your next chapter leads:)

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