Cue Ball…

     The tears have been shed, the time has come. My hair has gotten too thin and we need to shave it off…

Love Him...

Love Him…

                  The “tools” are in place… water, wine, music, tanning cream, duct tape… all of the necessities. (:

Shearing Prep...

Shearing Prep…

I’m as ready as I will ever be. Miss Marta is behind the lens and Mr. Wonderful is behind the shears. Natalie is hovering around in the background and Bridger is hiding in his bedroom because this is a little more than he can take. He peeks out his window every now and again to check on our progress.

McP's ... It's my Cheers...

McP’s … It’s my Cheers…

It’s kind of funny that I happen to be wearing this sweatshirt to get my head shaved. McP’s Irish Pub is a Navy Seal Team bar in Coronado, CA. I worked there, my sister worked there and several of my sister’s in-laws work and have worked there. If you are a Navy Seal and you have been stationed in Coronado, then you have either been in or at least heard of McP’s. Every time I go home, we all gather at McP’s. It’s our home base, our Cheers, because everybody knows your name.

And here’s a news flash for all of the people who have met me with in the last 12 years or so. Umm …. my hair is not actually blonde… it’s brown. I was a little surprised to see all those brown spiky things myself. Of course they are mixed in with all the grey ones, hence the blonde do I have supported in the past decade or so.

Mr Wonderful

Mr Wonderful

Is my marriage perfect? No. Is anyone’s marriage perfect? No. But I have the most perfect marriage for me. He loves me just as I am. He doesn’t try to change me. He doesn’t always understand me, and that’s ok. When you are walking a road as hard as this one, it is so nice to know that someone has your back. He named himself Mr. Wonderful in my contacts list on my phone and it’s perfect because that’s what he is… Wonderful. I of course named myself Sexy Wife, in his phone contacts.

All Done! It took a while, but we did it! I’m glad it’s over. It was the last big hurdle I had to jump over. I still have lots of treatments and radiation to go through but no more big physical changes until reconstruction. Hooray!!

Ok … One last thing.

People… this is love. This is Freddy (ok, it’s Larry but I call him Freddy (-: ) He shaved his head today to say “I love you.” He and my mom live in San Diego and he wanted to remind me that even though geography separates us that we are all in this together. ♥

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  1. I am so blessed to call you friend. You are stronger than you know and more beautiful than words can say. Shedding some tears with you….hate being so far away, but you know you are close in my heart and thoughts.

  2. Your in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Christine Williford says

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us Tif. You are an amazing woman. Keep looking forward.
    Love you

  4. kristen pray says

    It looks just like mine tiff had brain surgergy in 2012 and it hasn’t grown in right since. It is really easy to take care of shaved. My prayers are with you always. Kp

    • Tiffany Olson says

      Oh Kristen, I am so sorry to hear that. Your family has had quite the battle with cancer. You are so beautiful that you can be bald and still be a supermodel! That big beautiful smile and those piercing blue eyes, pretty hard to forget even after … 30 years? I will be praying for you to.♥

  5. Judy Gederos says

    No matter what….you are beautiful. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I can`t wait for a hug!

  6. You are an inspiration to all of us. Your strength, positive attitude and outlook on this chapter of your life is to be commended. I am here if you need anything.

  7. Carol Lodl says

    That is a big hurdle to jump and you did it! I think you look just fine and after all it’s what’s on the inside that counts!! That’s really all that Jesus is looking at. I think when your hair grows back it’s going to be cute and curly and you’ll love it!! Bless you, our daughters favorite friend, and may He keep you in HIS care.
    Jack and Carol

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