Color Me Red…


Ok, so the grandma comment that I got last week really hasn’t set well with me. I thought I would be strong and go with the “sliver” look for a while just to see how it looked once it got longer.

After about the 15th time that  I mentioned it to Mr. Wonderful he informed me that we were headed to Bimart for a box of color. (Yes, I get my hair color from the local drugstore… when your as cute as me you can do that sort of thing.) He also suggested that we go for a reddish brown look as I had also commented several times of my fear of going blonde too soon would actually turn my hair orange. (I got this info from Joan Lunden’s Alive Website, this site has been very helpful in getting information about all things breast cancer related.) Since the thought of going from silver to orange did not sound very appealing I opted for the dark color. The hope is that as it begins to fade that I can gradually go lighter and in the end get the color that I had before all of this began. Which is not the color I was born with but neither is this silver do I’ve got going on right now.

So off to Bimart we went. I picked out the color I wanted (after debating all the pros and cons for about 30 min.) I headed up to the check stand and placed my box of color on the counter. I was wearing my short wig at the time and the check out lady looked at my box and looked at my hair and asked, “Is this hair color for you?” I responded that it was indeed for me. “But I really like your hair the way it is. It’s really pretty.” I look over at Mr.Wonderful not really knowing which direction to take the conversation at this point. He of course just grins and raises his eyebrows a bit. He’s no help at all. So I looked at her and quietly said, “I’m wearing a wig and my real hair is very short and very silver.” Of course what I think is very quiet and what actually is very quiet are two totally different things because the checkout lady at the other stand heard me and was like, “No Way!” So now there’s several people around, all staring at me and so I did it. I took my wig off. Right there in Bimart, at the checkout stand. I said, “See? Very short and very silver. My goal someday is the cute blonde haired wig cut, but for today this is what it is and I need some color in my life.”

Everyone was very kind and gracious as well as a tad shocked and mystified by my boldness. Mr. Wonderful just smiled and shook his head. He is still surprised at these moments even after 15 years of marriage. Me? I just plopped my wig back on, purchased my box of hair color and went on my merry way. Well, that’s not entirely true. We ran into our friend Gary as we were leaving the store and I took my wig off for him too so he could see all the progress I have made in my hair regrowth phase.



I’m not in love with the color but it’s no longer silver that that makes me feel better. Onward!

Have a great day, All!

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  1. Chris Williford says

    Looks great Tiff!

  2. I am with you! I am a grandma, but who wants to look like a grandma?!? You are too young and beautiful for that! I love your honesty and cander!! I always find it difficult to not tell the truth and your sharing and ability to talk openly about what you have gone through, I think is wonderful! I find it informational, brave and strong!!! You are one amazing lady and your sharing helps us all!!!!

  3. Lori Durling says

    I love you Tiffany and you’re awesome (and cute)! Just sayin…

  4. You’re so cute.
    I loved the blonde wig on you.
    But you look good in any color; btw, you good bald!!
    I’m praying for your blessed future and plan for life. You’re such a blessing, Tiffany. Thank you!
    Just you being you does God’s good work!

    • Tiffany Olson says

      Thank you Kathy! Rest assured that I am soo not done with the wig. The wigless me stays at home. The public me gets a wig. I think I need a few more months of growth before I am ready for that challenge. (-:

  5. So, I had a lot of fun with spikes on top with sparkly gel that a great friend gave me . . . 🙂

  6. But you’re definitely cute however your haie is! 😉

  7. I’m so glad you’re being brave and bold with this. I like the red, I like the blonde wig, and even the silver is pretty, but there’s no need to keep the silver right now if you don’t want to, is there? Have as much fun with it as you can!

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