Celebrate Your Victories, No Matter How Small

There is sweet satisfaction when great effort has been put into something and it finally comes together. There are the biggies like graduating college, passing major exams or building a home. In the Olson household, we are celebrating the sweet victory of completed sheds for our chickens and sheep. Earth shattering? No. But completing something big all on your own feels good. Okay, it feels good to Mr. Wonderful because he did all the work but in all fairness, I did a whole lot of standing around looking cute and provided positive affirmations and nourishment along the way.

Yes, they have finally arrived. The sheep and the chickens are here and all is right with the world once again.

The weather this year has been particularly harsh and plans to begin construction over the Christmas holidays were interrupted by freezing temperatures and snow.

rod-n-tiff-winter-2017 / TiffanyAOlson.com

It never snows at the coast so we didn’t factor this into our perfectly well-laid plan to get it all done before January. Don’t get me wrong the snow was great but Mr. Wonderful having to build sheds during tax season… not so great.

Last Sunday morning the sun was shining, we grabbed our coffee and headed out to enjoy the fruits of all our/his labor. The chickens were running around and the sheep were surveying the territory of their new dwelling. I looked over at Mr. Wonderful and watched him gaze at the scene with a look of contentment and satisfaction. Ever so quietly I heard him say, “This is the moment I have been waiting for, all the planning, gathering of materials and eventual construction of this area is finally complete. The animals are here and now I can enjoy all of the efforts I put into this.”

The moment didn’t last long because he had to get back to the office for the final push to April 18. On April 19 we are closing the office to give our team members a day of rest and revel in a job well done. Mr. Wonderful told me last night he is going to buy a bag of chips, grab a lawn chair, go sit out with the chickens all day and throw food to them. I chuckled because I know him way too well. He’ll sit for maybe 10 minutes and then get an itch to go burn all the cardboard which has been stacking up in the garage since January. He will then decide since the fire is already going we might as well burn all the stumps and branches throughout the yard. After a full day of burning he will get up the next day and wonder why he is still so tired. Yes, he will be physically worn out but mentally he will feel refreshed and happy about another completed project at the house and ready to dream about his next adventure.

Take the time to celebrate your victories. Whether it’s a few moments to reflect on something you have created or and achievement you have worked hard to receive. It doesn’t have to be big. Maybe it’s as simple as a hot cup of coffee on a sunny Sunday morning with the people you love most.

Working Sheep / TiffanyAOlson.com

Working Their Sheep!

Have A Fabulous Day My Friends!


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  1. I think this is something you have ALL been waiting for. The space to do this, the space to breathe deep, and space to even have a zip line!! Congrats on a big project done 🙂

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