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Throughout my posts I have mentioned books that I have read or am currently reading. I love to read and I read a lot. I pretty much never have just one book going but rather have several going at one time. I read to gain perspective, I read to learn new things, I read to escape reality and I read because I really enjoy it. At this stage of my life 95% of the books I read are non fiction. I do however like to throw fiction ones in there every now and again to give my brain a break and read something just to enjoy the story.

In January, I started and finished 3 books. Only two are pictured as I took the third back to the library before I got a photo of it. The book was called The Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Our daughter is 12 and had asked me a few years back about reading the Hunger Games series. A few years ago I thought she was a little young for it so I asked her to wait. Over the holidays I picked up the series at the library and we spent two weeks plowing through the three books. I got a bit behind so the third book carried over into the new year. I enjoyed the series. It was entertaining but I don’t get why others loved it so much. What I really enjoyed was reading it alongside my daughter and comparing thoughts and ideas and having that connection with her. Being 12 is hard so I will take any opportunity I can get to connect.

This brings me to the second book I read in January and that is Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Natalie was reading it for school and writing a report on it. I had always wanted to read it so when she finished I picked it up. As I have looked around a bit I think that this version of the diary is fairly edited but I still really enjoyed it. It is the third book I have read in regards to WWII in the last year and it did not disappoint. I have such a hard time fathoming all that took place during that time but when you read about the suffering of others it helps to put your own suffering into perspective and gives you the courage to fight on.

The third book I read was Lara Casey’s Make it Happen. I liked it because it was not only a book about living on purpose and setting goals but it shared a lot about the author’s personal story and how she has overcome the battles in her life in becoming who she is today. She has two rules that she lives by in regards to social media that I am working on implementing in my life. The first is that she puts nothing out on social media that does not glorify or honor God and secondly no social media on the weekends. I have to admit that I pride myself in not being a TV watcher but the reality is that I use up a lot of time that others use for TV, checking my phone. So, I have some changes to make and I am ready to make them.

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This second set of books are all the ones that I am currently reading. I need to finish them up so that I can move on to my third set of books which are the ones I want to read next…

Will Read /

Okay, I have read Entreleadership before but it’s been a few years and I need a refresher course as we head into a new year. The Dale Carneige book I picked up and started just before cancer. I wasn’t much interested in winning friends while I was laying on the couch last year so I set it aside. But things are different now and I’m beginning to emerge from my cocoon so I will forge ahead.

My list of yet to reads is long and getting longer by the day so I need to get crackin…

What about you? What do you like to read? I’m always open to suggestions!

Have a great day, All!

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