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Bikini_clip_art_mediumSo yesterday Mr. Wonderful and I were in Eugene, so we could go get one of my drains taken out (see Turning Point to get caught up…).  While we were there I got on the phone to make a reservation at a hotel in anticipation of next weeks round of appointments.

That was when it happened… I showed up. The sassy, silly me that I always am, but have struggled finding lately, came back. The receptionist that was handling my reservation handed me off to a guy named James that wanted to “give” me a 3/4 night stay in a resort location. The guy was a crack up! Super funny and friendly, he only took a breath or two when I told him that I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. He said that with my circumstances that a vacation was just what I needed at some point in the future and all that he needed was a bit of a deposit. We discussed that this was a timeshare and I explained that I would never get involved with a timeshare as they appear to be a waste of money. He just laughed and continued to try and explain how a “free” vacation would really do me some good.

James was good natured and we were laughing quite a bit so I went for it. I said, “James, as much as I would love a “free” vacation, I am pretty sure that deposit money would be way better spent by using it towards buying myself a new boob because one just doesn’t seem like enough and the swimsuit that I would wear on this vacation wouldn’t look right with only one boob.” James, although he didn’t want to agree, concurred that even though he wasn’t thrilled with the rejection, a new boob was a pretty good reason to pass.

Mr. Wonderful almost passed out as we were in the middle of Costco when I was having this phone conversation. And much to his chagrin I rarely do anything quietly. As, we got into the car,  Mr. Wonderful was still laughing and he said, “I’ll bet our buddy James receives the “rejection of the year award” at the annual sales meeting.”

It felt so good to be me again! I love that in the midst of really hard stuff, God provides those moments for us to shine. Go ahead, be you, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Reality hit all to soon on the way home, but I had my moment, and I loved it!


Share your, “You” moment. I’d love to read about it!


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  1. Yee haw Tiffy! Love this story so much. You always shine and inspire no matter what. ❤️

  2. That’s the friend I know and love so much.

  3. Connie Schrag says

    This is great…. I will have to use that one lol… Laughter is great medicine

  4. Julia Lodge says

    oh sweet Tiffany,

    So sorry to hear this news. I too have had a similar start to my year, as December was full of scans and biopsies, which led to a diagnosis on January 5th. So not the way I expected or planned 2015 to go! But no way to preservere but to fight! I’m a little over halfway through chemo and so ready to be done. Hold onto those little glimpses of being you- they are what help us spur forward. Big hugs coming your way:)

    Much love, Julia

    • I am soo sorry sweet Julia! I will be praying for you and your sweet little family. I have 5 treatments to go and then radiation… Breathe in … Breathe out… One day at a time .. Keep me updated on your status and how we can be praying for you… God has a plan in all of this and I’m excited to see how he uses this to glorify him

      • Julia Lodge says

        Thanks Tiffany. Yes- one day at a time, one breath at a time. What a journey… Feel free to follow my caringbridge blog. Just search Julia lodge at

        Thinking of you

  5. Thank you Tiffany! Your blog is so raw and powerful. You are so brave to share with us. I didn’t know this existed until today. Your words made made me cry and laugh. They are beautiful because it’s coming from you. Your choice to write and document your journey is truly a gift. Continued prayers to you and your family. Love you beautiful lady!❤️

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