And The Hair Adventure Continues….

Ok, this is the deal… (my friend Heidi P. always says that … this is the deal) so, the deal is that I just can’t seem to leave my hair alone.  The grey was coming in so fast under the red that it really looked funny. So I made the decision to go really blonde or even back to the silverish color, from there I will let it grow and then make a decision on color when it gets to the length that I want it to be. I also decided to go to my hairdresser this time instead of doing it my self. I knew I was going to need a professional to tackle this situation. My hair is definately getting curlier as I go along which is kind of fun except that when fully dry my hair is very puffy. I am thinking that in a few months I am going to have a very large fro.

I was chatting with my friend Katie at the cancer center the other day and she said exactly what I had been thinking and that is that being bald is easier than the hair grow out part. When your hair is growing its really hard to see progress unless you look at photos of yourself from several months ago. The day in day out really doesn’t seem to yield all that much change. As with all things in life it’s a process. Shaving my head was brutal but being bald was doable. The grow out is not brutal but painstakingly slow and frustrating. At the same time however there is a sense of anticipation as to what it will be like when I have my new normal one day.

Unless you win the lottery, nothing in life happens instantaneously. Every single day you have the choice to move the needle of your life forward just a bit more. It could be your relationship with Christ or friends and family or something that you are working towards at your job or in your business or the process of physical and emotional healing for those close to you or even getting in to shape and losing some weight. Whatever it is very infrequently does the change or result we are looking for happen overnight. I am learning to be grateful for the 1/8 of an inch that my hair grows each day because in 6 months all that will add up to be something resembling a hairstyle. What is your 1/8  of an inch today? Be grateful for it. Give thanks for it because it too will amount to something bigger if you keep working on it or praying for it.

Just in case you were thinking that my fettish with hair color is new, it’s not. I have always liked to shake things up a bit just to keep the adventure a little more exciting.

So there you have it… my ever changing hair. If you know someone who is having a bad day, show them these photos. It will make them feel better. It’s sad to look back at what I did to myself at times over the years. The photo of me and my mom at Tabi’s wedding? I specifically remember telling the hairdresser to make me look like Ivana Trump, only with red hair. Yes, yes I did.

I know I need  to tone down the chemicals going forward as they are so toxic and I have had enough toxic chemicals infused into my body this past year to last 10 lifetimes. I just get impatient and want to see some change so I do something drastic to make myself feel like something is happening. From now on I will be patient with my hair and see what happens because guess what? This is what happened….

IMG_0124 (1)

Absolutely Nothing!!! It didn’t change at all! Kim used the blondest blonde she had, no red in it whatsoever. Even the roots turned red! She was as baffled as I was. In all her years of doing color, even on clients like me who are growing their hair out after chemo, this has never happened. Go figure. If this is not a sign from God that I just need to leave my hair alone and move on then I don’t know what is. Kim asked me if I wanted to strip the color out using bleach but I fear my hair falling out more than I fear red. So red it is. She didn’t even charge me as she felt so bad that I didn’t look any different than when I walked in the door. And yes, my closet door is open and Katie is in the background and there is a pink stuffed dog on my bed behind me… just keepin it real.

The best part of all this? Here we are having a discussion about hair instead of about treatment options. What a great and glorious problem I have!

Have a great day, All!


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  1. I loved all the hairstyles…..we’ve all had them! And I love this post… make me smile, laugh, giggle, and grin. I LOVE YOU just he way you are.

  2. It looks great! You’re Cute! ❤️

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