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And They Ran…

This is my friend, Megan. Our boys have played baseball together for several years and are in the same classroom at school. We ran into each other at school the other day while we were attending a special “wax museum” presentation. Joe was Meriwether Lewis and Bridger was Henry Ford. After we left Megan contacted me and asked if I wanted to run our long run together the next day.

I said sure but was a little nervous about my slow pace and the fact that other than Bridger I have done all of my runs alone with my various podcasts keeping me company. But guess what? It was great! The morning was beautiful. The day before had dumped a ton of rain and even hail but this day was clear and cool. We chatted up a storm until about half way through when in my out of breath condition I told her that she would have to keep most of the conversation going from that point on. We laughed a lot as our boys are very much alike. They are both on the smaller side for their age and both have very funny, loud and compassionate personalities and they LOVE to play baseball.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard but more often than not it is well worth the effort. Thanks Megan for reaching out. It was a great run with a great person on a glorious Saturday morning and as if that wasn’t enough, I am also one mile closer to my halfmarathon!

So step out people! Do something a bit different and see how much benefit it not only adds to your day but to your life.

Have a great day, All!

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  1. Way to go for stepping out!

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