17 Years Baby!!!


Wedding Day 2000


17 years!! Tomorrow October 21, 2017, Mr. Wonderful and I will have been married for 17 years! Yay Us! It has been quite a wild ride and far from perfect, but sometimes the imperfection is what makes you perfect for each other.

There were a whole host of people who were unsure if Mr. Wonderful and I were a good fit. He’s very quiet and a “Steady Eddy,” emotionally. I am neither quiet or steady. Happy, sad, excited, mad or indifferent you will know it and most of the time … loudly. Some thought I was just, “too much,” for him and that in time he would struggle with my inability to be a wallflower.

Fortunately, he laughed off these remarks and reassured me that I was the woman he had prayed to God for while fly fishing on the Mckenzie River early one Spring morning. He wanted a woman that would bring vitality and laughter to his life so he too could lighten up and breathe a little deeper. On the flip side, I could be the perfect example of, “be careful what you pray for.” HA!

What I love about him the most are the little things. He’s thoughtful and kind and he remembers what is important to me. Soon after I was diagnosed with cancer we were in Eugene (2.5 hours from home) for some Dr. appointments. We wandered over to the University of Oregon as this is where we lived when we were dating. He began to drive the all too familiar roads of days gone by. After a bit of reminiscing our glory days, he pulled over. I looked up and said, “this is the exact spot where we had our 1st kiss.” He said, “I know, now get out of the car.”

My sweet, introverted, quiet husband reenacted that kiss with me at least 20 times so I could get the perfect selfie. He is not a selfie kind of guy but he loves me and patiently kissed me again and again until we got it right.

1st Kiss Reenactment / Number Your Days

Reenacting our 1st kiss – just after cancer diagnosis

I have no idea what our future will hold and I could never have predicted what we have been through so far. For today, I am grateful for all the years I have been called, Mrs. Wonderful Olson. I am going to forget about the intense conversation we had this week and cherish the fact that the good has far outweighed the bad. I will look at the two lives God helped us create and be thankful they are ours.  I will say a prayer for the two babies that never made it into this world and be hopeful about one day being introduced.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Wonderful! You have brought more joy to my life than I ever thought possible. Life is incredibly hard but sharing it with you makes the road a little less cumbersome. You are the greatest gift I have ever received.

Here’s To Forever…

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  1. Sandy Mitts says

    Happy Anniversary to my two favorite people. God truly blessed me when He put you in my guys in my life. I’ve cried with you and laughed with you. You just make my heart warm. Thanks for being my friend.

    • It’s I who should be thanking you my sweet friend. A lot of water has traveled under our bridge. You will be taking a piece of my heart with you to Montana. “You know what I am doing”❤️

  2. candy adams says

    You Go Girl! Being married a long time to your best friend through the good and difficult times makes your trust in God stronger and the not so good things about your character get chipped off. It’s not always easy but so great to walk life’s journey with a great husband. I’m with ya.

  3. Clark Sydney says

    I love you baby girl!
    You, Rod, Natalia and Bridger have been such a blessing to our Family! Happy Anniversary!
    Mom and PaPa Freddie

  4. Judy Gederos says


  5. Dennis Wartenbee says

    Happy Anniversary! I can so remember your wedding and the excitement you showed getting ready for that big day. I can also remember you setting on my lap and
    rocking you trying to find the right words to comfort you to assure you that God had a vary special young man picked just for you. When we weight upon the Lord he always
    provides the perfect answer. Now seventeen years later seeing how happy you are there is no doubt that you two belong together. We are vary proud of you both and love you all vary much. I only wish we could spend more time with you and your family. I no when you think wow seventeen years were did the time go. However it’s just one way we no its been a great time of joyful memories and gives you great joy to think of the next and the next and the next seventeen years. I know because this year will be our fiftieth and It feels like just yesterday when we wed. Sweetie what’s vary cool is how much stronger you love is now than when you got married and it will continue to grow. I Love you to the Moon! Pa Pa Dennis

    • Thank you, Papa Denny! A lot of who I am today is because of the love and support you and Jean have provided over the years. Thank you for always loving me even when it wasn’t easy. Thank you for being there and for treating my little family as your own. No, we do not get to see each other nearly often enough these days but I cherish every single moment I get.
      I love you to the moon!!

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